About Us

By 2018, there are so many ICO’s in the marketplace. Singapore is leading the pack with 406 ICO’s only at No.2 after USA that has 581 ICO’s as per ICOBENCH posting. Myself and a small group of passionate creatives launched AirdropBounty.Events is what basically a community building service to the freelancer’s and newbies to catch the new wave of business opportunities that the ICOs cater to and that is AIRDROP and BOUNTY promotions.

To start, we are more committed than ever to reach out to both – ICO aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to list their events and also list their promotions of AIRDROP & BOUNTY at our website as we’ve become more conscious that we have an active role to play in making our own community, and the world, a better place. We’re determined to do our part in this community building marketplace for Blcokchain Technologies.

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Our Team

Gopi Divecha

Founder & CEO AirdropBounty.Events

Gopi Divecha is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, mainly focused on the Asian market. Gopi spent most of his career in the Asian region and lives in Singapore since year 1998. Having worked in Automobile Industry, IT Industry and presently focusing on Block Chain Technology. During the early years of his professional career, he designed web applications using PHP and Javascript but later moved into sales and marketing and worked as CEO of Automobile company. The idea of AirdropBounty.Events is to help promote Blockchain Technologies at very ground level and to engage the critical mass adoption for its future success.

Jack Myo

Advisor & Trainer AirdropBounty.Events

Jack Hua, Myo is also Co-founder & CEO | Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Mobile App Developer @ AlphaXLab – Singapore He is a serial entrepreneur with experiences with creating and building multiple startups. He led his previous startup to achieving half a million in revenue in its 1st year. He exited the company to build his 4th Startup, AlphaXLab. He is also Startup Mentor & Trainer at Found & ACE Startup. He has considerable experience with App & Web Development and currently works with entrepreneurs on their startups from Local Polytechnics & Universities. He also works with multiple ICO projects with Startups/SMEs from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Israel & Thailand as ICO Advisor/Blockchain Architect/CTO or ICO Service Provider.